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Living in a city knowing someone from Himachal – a friend, a relative, spouse, when you find out that someone they know has just returned from Himachal, close to Monsoon season, and has brought with him or her a big batch of Lungdoo; and suddenly there is a flurry of excitement and every Himachali in that circle, kid, adolescent or elder wants a piece of that batch of Lungdoo and wants the most skilled and experienced culinary person in the family to cook it rightaway…

When a whole container full of finely sliced Radish pickle (Mooli Kanda) gets empty by the end of a family lunch because, well everyone ate it, or because people who came to lunch want to take the remaining with them.

When the word – Khatta isn’t just a kind of taste but a mouth watering preparation using Maakadis, received with wide eyed joy at the dinner table

The madness you witness at such occasions makes you realise the meaning of what’s Truly Madly Himachaly! Peaks N Pines is a product of this love for all kinds of treats from Himachal – Its beauty, Its people and its produce and is a loving tribute to all that’s Truly Madly Himachaly.

And when you want to leave your doorstep and step into the world of majestic mountains, clean air and a wealth of Nature and its various gifts to Himachal, Peaks N Pines also promises to offer you a luxurious stay in unique locations – a One with the Nature experience that can be offered as peaceful or adventurous depending on your preference.

With Love from Himachal to all!

Your’s Truly Madly Himachaly

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